Welcome to the New NBF Family Foundation

Do you enjoy learning about financial health (and even physical health)? If so, you will enjoy the new look here at the NBF Family Foundation! We’re all about going with the flow, and nowadays, it seems like pretty much everybody’s minds are on how to make the most of their funds. Who can blame them?

Things are just so much different then they were even 10 short years ago. I remember reading my first “candlesticks” charts at an investment conference. I never could have dreamed that someone in my family would wind up making his living trading options. Now, options may not be for you (it’s pretty risky stuff, so it’s definitely not for everyone!).

In fact, options are only one small facet of investing. What if you’re more interested in gold, or even silver, for example? Well, you still need to learn the ins and outs of it all. Let’s see if our new blog can help provide resources for you to research your interests further. Thank you for stopping by; please come back soon!